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Easter Reception

NEWS from St. Martha’s Guild:


Thank you for signing up at Church. Please Reply to this email jrea3@aol.com – if you are able to bring an item and have not signed up at Church. It is a busy time at ECA. We are asking for some extra special help for the Easter Season. Thanks in advance for any time or help you can give.
1. Thursday, April 18, –  We could use help Thursday afternoon around 4pm – setting up tables and chairs for Maundy Thursday  in the activities building. (This should be quick)
2. Thursday, April 18, – REMINDER –  We are in NEED of SOUP, SALAD, OR BREAD FOR MAUNDY THURSDAY DINNER.     Any help would be appreciated.
3. Saturday, April 20 11am – set up tables/chairs/drinks, etc. for Easter Sunday                                               – set up for Reception following the service – in the Swift bldg.    We could use alot of help this day!
   4. Sunday, April 21, Easter Sunday – PLEASE BRING YOUR FAVORITE COVERED DISH (the whole church has been asked to help with food) – WE ARE IN NEED OF MAIN DISHES,  SIDES, DESSERTS. FYI WE HAVE A HAM , CHICKEN AND A TURKEY COMING. ALL IS APPRECIATED.We are in need of Before, During, and After help. Every little hand helps!
5. Monday, April 22, Wash Day-   – Splish Splash the laundromat – Canton Road. This time will be verified.
    If you have questions please email Robbye Miller.


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