1673 Jamerson Road, Marietta GA 30066
Sunday Worship Services:
8:30am: Holy Eucharist Rite II (Online & In person)
9:40am: Adult Christian Formation
10:30am: Holy Eucharist Rite II

Worship in response to COVID-19

**Click on the link provided to watch the services live: LINK HERE

Sunday service worship expectations to date.

*If you are not feeling well, sniffles, sore throat, or a little out of breath, do not come to church or even be out in public (it could be allergies, but please don’t take the chance, for all involved.)

Here is what to expect if you choose to come to church: 

  1. As you arrive, you will be asked to use the hand sanitizer provided and then go to the nearest sink in the Swift Bldg or church and wash your hands. There is NO exception to this policy, this reduces unknown contaminants from outside surfaces and the hands as you come into this clean space.
  2. All doors to the church, Swift bldg and Activities Bldg will remain open. Please do not touch or close the doors. This is also an effort to minimize contact with surfaces. 
  3. Please be mindful of distance from one another, certainly ok to sit by each other, but please refrain from contact. 
  4. It is best if you use your own BCP or Hymnal, if you use the church ones provided, when the service is finished, please leave on your seat so we can disinfect them for the next use. 
  5. *IMPORTANT* During the PEACE, it is foreign nature to us, but we are asking to please refrain from any contact whatsoever. I understand YOU may be ok, but this is what is needed to reduce the risks for others. It is perfectly acceptable to wave, bow, namaste, Vulcan greeting, or any other acceptable form to acknowledge our greeting one another in the name of Christ. This is for the benefit of ALL.
  6. If you sneeze, cough, or touch your face, please use hand sanitizer to reduce contamination possibilities. We have several boxes of tissue, please grab a couple and use those to sneeze or cough in. 
  7. We will not be passing the collection plates. We will have two locations in the church to place your offering, we will bless as usual during the offertory. (We also now have online giving you can access from the website, it is easy to use and you can designate your offering with easy drop down options).
  8. We will have communion, but instead of coming to the altar rail, we will administer the hosts from the center of the church. When you receive the body of Christ, (bread) you will then go to the EM (Eucharistic minister) and grab a single cup of the Blood of Christ (wine) and consume or intinct (dunk) wafer in the cup. If you do not consume all of the wine, there will be a chalice on a side table, please pour the host (wine) in the chalice and then place the cup in the “host” receptacle. (We honor the integrity of the sacrament and the holy food it is. The blood of Christ will be placed designated Holy ground, and the plastic cups that contained the host will be burned later as a sacrifice to God, lifting up prayers for who could not attend and for those affected by COVID-19).
  9. At the end of the service, I will continue to extend greetings, but we will do so at a safe distance and refrain from contact (this will be the hardest part of my ministry, as I truly enjoy the love and warmth we share in greeting one another).
  10. We will have coffee hour, but we will have someone serving the food items on plates to reduce unnecessary contact and also ask to be mindful of safe distance as we gather with one another.
  11. We will not have Nursery or Christian Education for our youth. Children and youth are at lesser risk with complications from COVID-19, but they can still get sick and transmit the illness to adults, the elderly and those who are at greater risk. Children and youth are welcome to come to church and be a part of the service, restless, loud or quiet, they are very much a part of Church. We will have someone on standby to assist with the nursery duties if children need a break during the service. We will also ask the children to wash their hands as often as possible. Please do not leave your children unattended in the Nursery.

And finally, we will adapt and adjust as necessary to accommodate as many healthy and safe practices as we can, as we gather for being the Church in these difficult times. 

In Christ, Fr. Paul+


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