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Sunday Worship Services during Advent:
8:30am: Holy Eucharist Rite I (Online & In person)
9:45am: Adult Christian Formation
9:45am: Children CF (1st & 3rd Sunday of month)
10:30am: Holy Eucharist Rite I
Christmas Eve Service: Children’s Service 5pm, Holy Eucharist 7pm, Festive Carols 9pm and Candlelight Service 9:30pm.
Christmas Day at 10:30am

Guidelines for Outside Activities for Individuals and Group Gathering During COVID-19

New Phase I Worship Service Protocol HERE As of September 10, 2020: Outside Worship (limited outside seating, reservations required) Protocols are subject to change. Please refer to the most recent date/protocol listed. These revised protocols (the “Updated Protocols”) replace previous Phase I protocols and reflect current policy as of this date.

Guidelines for activities conducted at ECA during COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. No Group (more than two non-related individuals) in-person activity is to take place at ECA without the rector’s knowledge during the COVID-19 pandemic. Guidelines have been set forth and must be followed until loosening of restrictions is given by directive from the bishop of the diocese of Atlanta.
  2. No one who is feeling sick or has any symptoms related to COVID-19 is allowed on the property. If you are feeling sick in any manner, please do not put others at risk, stay at home. Taking your temperature and documenting the information is encouraged for groups of more than two. 
  3. For groups, log everyone involved: every one of the people assisting with church activities should be signed in to ensure should someone become infected, exposure can be tracked and quarantined. Everyone involved should maintain effective physical distancing and ongoing self-monitoring around their health at all times. 
  4. Physical distancing of 6ft must be adhered to for groups of more than two (Unless individuals are living together and related)
  5. Wearing a mask is encouraged by the CDC and GA Dept of Public health and is directed by the Diocese of Atlanta to do so. Wearing of a mask at this time is mandatory for ALL group activities conducted at ECA on the outside for the safety of those involved while on the property.
  6. Washing hands and hand sanitizer is encouraged at all times.
  7. If any participant gets sick or has any symptoms related to COVID-19 at any period after participating in an activity at ECA they must notify the rector and must also get tested for COVID-19. All participants who may had contact with the individual will also be contacted to enact self-quarantine protocols until a result is given. 
  8. Individuals who wish to participate in activities outside on the property of ECA must agree to follow the guidelines set forth in order to participate. Guidelines are for the safety of all those involved and are created in an effort to mitigate possibilities for contamination from the COVID-19 virus. 

In Christ, 

ECA Vestry

Wanda Ziembinski, Sr. Warden, Chris Renaud, Jr. Warden, Suzie Hart, Secretary of the Vestry
Carol Scheidler, Lainey Gaines, Marcia Murphy, Jamie Hreha, Janice Maxwell and John Capawana


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