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Lenten Program 2019

Wednesday Nights 2019

“Habitual Recollections”

 I pray that the sharing of your faith may become effective when you perceive all the good that wemay do for Christ. (Philemon 1:6)

     Spiritual reflection is a broad term that covers any form of personal spiritual practice mental reflection, inner stillness, silence, deep listening practices and sharing your faith. In Anglican Tradition, spiritual reflection is referred to as habitual recollection, the practice of the continual awareness of God all around us in the world. This can be a moment when we are overcome by beauty of nature, a moment in time and place, or a moment when we are deeply aware of pain, another’s or our own. Habitual recollection uses our senses to become aware of God being present in such moments. This can also be interpreted as “Christian testimony” andis given when Christians relate how they came to know the God of the Bible through the moving of the Holy Spirit in their hearts. Most commonly, we are sharing how we became Christians by God’s miraculous intervention and work in our lives through specific events. Often we can only see that in hindsight, but sharing that experience is vital.

We will participate in this practice of Habitual recollection as we explore the faith journeys of several of our parishioners during this season of Lent. We often neglect to share our stories with one another as a means of sharing our faith and this will be an opportunity to see how the Trinity is at work all around us. Because the experience of Holiness can be mysterious, we will experience the Holy by finding out who will be presenting on the night of the program in order to honor the character of those who are willing to share their faith in front of others.

The program starts with a meal at 6:30 with salad, soup & bread and at 7pm we will begin with the program. There will be a sign up sheet in the Narthex to provide food for the meals. Please make sure to sign up even though you may not be sure so we can plan for the meals and program accordingly. We will provide childcare if you are interested in attending. We hope you will come and join us.

The Program will have four sessions: 

March 13th – Program 1: “Spiritual reflection 1”

March 20th– Program 2: Spiritual reflection 2”

March 27th– Program 3: “Spiritual reflection 3”

April 3rd – Program 4: “Spiritual reflection 4”

We hope to see you there and you will enjoy listening and learning about “Habitual recollection”to better ourselves and our faith community we are involved in as we proclaim the Gospel through our faith stories to the ends of the earth. See you soon on a Wednesday night near you. Blessings, Fr. Paul+ & Fr. Bruce.

**Please sign up on the sign up sheet in the Narthex for Soup, Salad or bread and let us know if you would like to attend so we can make sure we have enough food.