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Easter Sunday Worship Services
Holy Eucharist Rite II – 8:00AM
Holy Baptism & Eucharist – 9:00AM
Easter Egg Hunt – 10:15AM
Holy Eucharist Rite II – 10:45AM


The mission of Reach (our combined Outreach and Inreach Ministries) is to engage the Parish in supporting a diversity of Outreach programs and initiatives, including hands-on opportunities to serve others and to reach into our ECA Family and help meet the needs of each member or Family members as they arise. The Reach Committee meets in the Activities Building on the first Monday of every month at 7pm. New members are encouraged to attend a meeting to learn more about this crucial ministry.


  • Journeys – Journeys is a group that offers support, care, and compassion to those experiencing a time of loss and grief in their lives through fellowship with others. Journeys meets on the second Monday of each month. If you have experienced a loss and have found it hard to go through on your own, we invite you to Journey with us during these difficult times.
  • Happy Cookers – Happy Cookers donate their time and ingredients to make sure the ECA fridge is stocked with frozen, homemade dishes that can be delivered and warmed up when a family is in need of a hot meal made with love.
  • Clippers and Seekers – is a group that seeks out the best buys for our ECA members and supplies used by our church.
  • Cards From The Heart – is a program where cards are sent to parishioners in recognition of significant family events.
  • Transporters – Individuals in this group arrange transportation requirements for parishioners that require assistance.
  • Meals with Care – Individuals arrange for meals to be provided for parishioners in need. This could be for surgery, recovering from an accident, illness, or any other type of emergency.


The committee is called to be responsible stewards of ECA’s resources (time, talent, and treasure) and prayerfully discern God’s calling for our Outreach ministry. Programs from 2016 include Emmaus House, MUST, Papa’s Pantry, CFK/cartridge recycling, Men and Women’s Extension, Church of the Common Ground and others. Although we have some regularly scheduled projects we are always open to hearing about others.