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Each year, ECA participates in an Annual Stewardship Campaign. We work to be good stewards of our time, talent and treasure that the the Lord has given to each of us.

Blow you will see information from past year’s campaigns. You may pledge or give a one time donation.

You may use our “Donate” button HERE and on the bottom of our web-page and give a one time gift or schedule gifting multiple times.

A Letter from Father Paul

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ! I am extremely grateful to you, and to all the members of our congregation. Throughout the year I have witnessed such generosity of care and love as you contribute your ideas, your funds, your time and your talent to our parish and the community. We have been able to accomplish so much because of your willingness to support ECA’s mission of bearing witness to God’s love in everything we do.  

Our pledge campaign this year “More than Enough” focuses on the miracle of sharing the ways in which our means meet the needs of the world, the ways in which we respond to the Gospel, and the ways in which we sustain our parish and surrounding community. 

The words More Than Enough brings us back to that moment of miracle described in Luke’s Gospel, having just been fed by Jesus from a scant few loaves and fishes. The people in that story heard Jesus’ call to share what they had in order that all might benefit. This is exactly what ECA does with the gift of treasure you possess. Whenever we have a challenge before us, you answer the call of your church, and share your time, talent, and treasure. This year we come off the heels of some very challenging times and yet we will celebrate paying off the mortgage debt ECA has had for 30 years. All the while continuing to worship and serve in our community in new and exciting ways.  What a testament to the words “More than Enough”! 

Faith and Hope inspires us, and our whole church community is filled with inspiration and action. You are that inspiration and action, without whom our church and our ministry would be diminished. In a few weeks, you will receive an invitation to name and pledge the gifts you will make in the coming year to help our church and our neighbors. I ask that you pray with us as we launch our annual gathering of gifts and gratitude, and consider how you will contribute your gift of treasure to make our mission at ECA “More than Enough.” 

In Abundant Gratitude,

Fr. Paul+

A Letter from Senior Warden Jamie Hreha (Click Here)

Testimony from Jane Whisler

More Than Enough TENS Reflections

More Than Enough Theological Statement: Expect Miracles!

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