1673 Jamerson Road, Marietta GA 30066
Worship Services and Activities

Wednesday- HE Rite II – Noon
Saturday- HE Rite II – 5pm
Sunday- HE Rite II – 8:30am
Christian Education – 9:15am
HE Rite II – 10:30am

Server Volunteers

 August 2017 Server Schedule and
September 2017 Server Schedule
ECA Server Schedule Sept 2017 are PDF files.
Thank you to all who continue to serve in this ministry. If you are interested in serving at either of the worSep 2017 Server Scheduleship services please contact Fr. Paul at the church office or by email rector@ecamarietta.org, or Foster Peterson, the Head Verger.
 A reminder also that if you are scheduled to serve, please find a replacement for you that week. We sent out a server sheet a couple of months ago, if you would like a new copy we can email you one.