1673 Jamerson Road, Marietta GA 30066
Sunday Worship Services
Holy Eucharist Rite I – 8:30AM
Adult Christian Formation – 9:30AM
Kids Christian Formation – 10:15AM
Holy Eucharist Rite I – 10:30AM

Church of the Common Ground



Church of the Common ground is a street ministry in Atlanta that provides a sacred space for fellowship, food and Worship. Each quarter and whenever needed ECA provides a sack lunch for those who are in need and who come to worship at Church of the Common Ground. We particpate in the worship and then share in a meal with the people of the streets.

Usually we willl gather on the Saturday before the lunch and meet in the Activities Bldg at 11:00AM and ready the brown bag lunches with making sandwhiches and placing chips, a fruit item and a delicious dessert treat. Your help is always appreciated and we have lots of fun as we help our brothers and sisters who are in need